Sunday, October 4, 2009

Porsche 911 GT RS

Saw this near my school that day, so beautifully done...whats the odds of finding one with such pristine condition + ROLL CAGED in the STREETS in M'sia? Well in Australia? 1 in 1 month?

With wide-arches

BBS? They always look good on whatever car~ Hell they even look good on a CLOCK~

The back spoiler cum intake

the roll cage...same colour with the car itself makes up the added points ^^

Bucket seats with Sabelt harness, i like how the owner still retains the dashboard, sometimes u just can't go too over ya? ^^"

This guy noes how to prep his car

Something fishy with the num plates...hmm...

The intercooler in the back

Look how wide it goes~

GT ya

Closer look at the Intake

10 out of 10, what u say ?