Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eleanor ~

How would u have felt, if you've come across the very own Dodge Charger R/T that Vin Diesel drove on his own and did a massive wheelie before being rammed by a Peterbilt train?

Or the silver with blue racing stripes on Brian's Skyline R34 on 2F2F...

Came across, i mean, literally see the car on it own, the car that was used to film it......The actual car ~

Now the Charger itself might not be any special, any person can own or built up a 1969 Charger R/T with a BDS blower on it, but what if the car Nicholas Cage's 'Unicorn' in his Gone in 60 Seconds movie? Enter 'Eleanor'....

2000 movie Gone in 60 Seconds stars Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie. Its the grand movie for grand theft autos and are widely considered the only car-related movie that has some value worth seeing. The movie also brings upon the word 'Eleanor' to us. Being a special car that Memphis Raines, Nicholas Cage's character, whos the ultimate car theft in the country, haven't been able to steal.

Official Licensed Gone in 60 Seconds badge by Classic Recreations, the company that is responsible and the only company in the world with the copyright to produce the vehicle for the film.

15 Eleanor was built (built, not modified) and 5 was used in the film itself. Pictured here, are car number 7 in the production, and 1st of the 5th that was used. Yeap, Nicholas's Cage's butt has touched the seats before^^

Bear in mind, Eleanor is not a Mustang. Enthusiast might recognize the car as a externally modified 1967 Shelby Cobra GT500, its true that that was the basic platform for the Eleanor. But thats where the similarity ends. As the car featured a purposed engine for it, the whole suspension in particularly, has been redesign and reworked, new steering system, new paint work, and standard nitrous equipped. (!) Pictured here is the signature of Denice Halicki, the wife of the original actor of the 1974 film of the same name, H.B Halicki. Denice is the person that comissioned the new Eleanor to be made for the 2000 film.

The car was bought by a person in Melb, and have it shipped from US to here, and was brought to NX Generation for a tune up. How ever the standard side exhaust system was found to be too restrictive, and therefore a new set of exhaust system from extractors to mufflers are currently being design for it. Here the 408 ci injected V8 can be seen, god i want the engine bay brace! Their fully adjustable on all ends.

This plate says it all......
Definitely not your everyday car-in-the-front

Carbon fiber bonnet with the Gone in 60 Seconds embedded on it.

Don't believe me when i say the suspension has been fully redesign?? Have a look at the purpose built diff center, as well as the adjustable coilover, 2 way adjustable by VariShock. Notice the diff angle, the sway bar stiffness, can all be adjusted, not to mention ride height, bump, rebound.....and notice the dead ended muffler box?? The exhaust pipe comes off the engine, down to the box, make a U-turn in the box, and comes out from the side, talk bout restrictive.

The front suspension, is where all the wonders are. Metallic blue colour reminds you of Cusco products aye? Not really, this is all standard with the car as its produced. The picture didn't do justice, but the camber, toe, castor, wheelbase, sway bar stiffness not to mention the same VariShock coilovers presents you full adjustability you can have ~ Not to mention the cool steering rack as well.

Scoops on the back are all functional, the one on the bottom is responsible for cooling the rear brakes, while the top on is for cooling....the rear passenger seat! Sharp eyed readers might notice....or might not....that the front bumper, and rear bumper, and the front fender, are all one part of the body. Basically the only part of the body part that you can take off, are the carbon fiber bonnet and boot (yup boot) and the if the bumper of your Eleanor got hit hard, good luck ~ as Classic Recreations aren't producing this anymore....15 is 15 no more ~

Baer brake caliper on the front, not much clearance between them and the wheels....

NOS on the back....

And are at your service on a press on the Go-Baby-Go button on the gearknob~ As seen on the movie ~

With the activation switch on the panel...

Basically, this is one of the rarest car in the planet, as you can see, 1 out of the 15 in the world is just in front of me. For most people this might not be something significant, but everyone is obsessed bout limited edition stuffs. So picture yourself appreciating your limited edition handphone, or limited edition cigarette, or limited edition food maybe ~ But at the end, i've came across the car the delivered on the silver screen itself, the car that gives movie critics a good car-movie to watch, the car that introduces something new to the whole wide world, but best of all, the car that money may not be what it takes to buy, is within reach by me.........and is running on tyres that are pumped up by me ! ^^


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