Monday, February 9, 2009

A bad day....

Ok, today start of quite on a low note, as i wake up quite late, around 12.30pm, was gonna go to the friendly match between Youngster United's Junior team againts Chung Ling Under-18 at Hamid Khan school, 5.30pm, so did my morning routine, and watch Transporter 3

Was quite a movie, except that i find it alittle bit not-entertaining, since Frank was forced to transport something, instead of he doing the transporter willingly, but anyway, watch untill 2pm, going sleepy mode, so did another routine to keep my adrenaline going, when Chew my housemate came back and break the bad news for me, seem that Thaipusum had alot of road leading towards Greenlane are closed, and leave me no choice but to use the unfamiliar road near Jeti to go through Greenlane, which i found it to be impossible to get there in time and back again to pick up my hsmate Kit's GF from Gurney, so skip the match thus telling the first choice keeper that i'm not going ( yeah, i'm just a sub, walla), so stay at house till 5.30 when i saw a two teams bout to start a game near the T.Bungah field, so tot that i'll go look around, mana tau, it was just a Korean junior team from Dalat International School and their aren't any good either.....well there goes my time going and coming back to home, sat around and its time to go fetch Kit's GF, Ruby, and after going back home i have to wait 2 hours somemore untill i had my dinner, which was a bad maggi goreng from the new Khaleel Nasi Kandar located near Tanjung Tokong's 7-11, so beware, if your going to try your luck in that new Khaleel...

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  1. oh so kit gf name is Ruby, well seems like u do have a bad and down day huh, next time try going for a touge drive makes u much happier