Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stupid Han Chiang!!!!

OK, bros, take my advice, if your not into Mass-Comn, PLEASE, dun participate in any other courses where HAN CHIANG COLL offer....................

I've taken which i believe is Automotive Maintenance course, which comprise of Level 1,2,3 and takes a year and a half and a average price of RM12k+, quite cheap compare to de'spark or TOC...the course sucks, although it does tell u that u get to learn stuff bout transmission....turbochargers...engines.....chasis....none of those gets into ur head, i was there for 1 year and a half and the things i learn there are like, 50% from DoriX, 25% from my own study and net-surfing, and 20% from class's theory, and another 5%? Practical...........yup, i only learn 5% of practical stuff over there, and the teachers? Hmm...........L-O-S-E-R......plain plain loser......one is really helpful, another realli wanna help u although they don't 100% sure bout that thing, but some are just plain dumbass......enough of that, the worst part haven't come, EXAM.........ever wondered how their exam was conducted? Level 1, just by present at the exam room and ur declared pass, Level 2, go there, check and correct A valve clearance, with the examiner beside u TEACHING u, and your consider pass, Level 3, reassemble an auto gearbox, would be more challenging, if theres a examiner bside u....which they aren't any present that time......, and walla, thats how i graciously proudly achieved my LEVEL 123 cert, woohoo!

Next stop, CnG, which was City and Guild, its basically Automotive Maintenance being thought back in English instead of previous Chinese and Malay, and add in alil bit of Engineering Stuff, first day we receive a whole portfolio contain 10 papers for us to do, each papers consist of 50 selection ques, in 3 days i have completed all 10 papers, but must i say, the ques is blurry, the answer are arguable, the standard is kinda off, some are realli blurred ques in which the ques itself can lead to alot alot of answers, while some doesn't even have a real answer in it....ok, but still i finished wat i can and i leave out those that i consider blurred ques or arguable ques, in 3 days, thats how dedicated i am in this thing, cuz i dun wanna waste any more time and money, wat i can learn i wana learn more, what i can achieved i wanna achieved it at best....

Thn came today, which was the exam day of CnG, for the rec, none of the question we've ever come into b4, the teacher himself tell us tat there wont be any ques that we'll recognize, and that we're the first batch into CnG in Han Chiang so there must be sacrifices, there must be guinea pigs to be tested, and we're the guines pigs.....ok nvm, i walk into the exam room with hopes i can pass, and the first paper i got out with distinction.....but wait, theres more, inside the exam room, the teacher was there, helping out students out, THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT SHUD BE DONE, damn it! Fifi was rite, shud i go to Aussie there wont be any 'ghost' in the exam room helping me out, which is why i'm so damn frustrated in the canteen DoriX, i didn't know the ques at all, i'm frustrated at myself, i'm frustrated tat shud i go to Aussie how am i goin to pass with flying colours if i don't even know the answer...i'm frustrated that i pass the first paper with distinction and failed the second paper, and we don't even get to know which ques we answered wrong, how do u expect me to pass on the resit of the paper???? The practical went well.....but the second paper.... The truth is i have this sorta perfectionist personality in which may not seem at my appearance but i tend to do everything nicely and according, which is why i can't accept why i failed the second paper, and that why i put everything on the line, i dedicated to it and still i failed whilst other ppl who aren't that dedicated can pass with all distinction......its realli shudn't be this way bro......

So fuck Han Chiang.......


  1. by the looks of it i don't blame why u hate Han Chiang college, from what i heard u fail by 1question only right???

  2. ya........well what to do? nasib....haha
    luckily i can resit it again..

  3. ya if not mistaken your resit is late March right???

  4. ok good best of luck at the coming exam