Friday, February 27, 2009

Think K20A's better?

Alot of EK fanatic are now opt for K20A transplant, instead of keeping the traditional, yet classic B16B engine, thus ruining its 1.6最速 or Fastest 1.6 reputation, although K20A is by numbers faster than B16B, with more updated technology in it and a being more lightweight then B16B, results of comparison on track shows the other way......
Spoon's EK9 w/ B16B clocked 1.02.960

while the Spoon's EK9 w/ K20A clocked 1.03.380

talk about end results......


  1. B series engines might have mature development and have alot of performance parts....

  2. dam i still can't view i think something wrong with my line utube would not load

  3. Vince, all the Spoon's car has Spoon's stuff all in their car, so is their engine, its K20A and B16B are full with Spoon's internal parts....

  4. well, till now i still can't load the 2nd vid, saw the 1st vid. Maybe can try calculating the power to weight ratio of both car take the bhp/weight.

    For the 1st EK running in B-series engine the power to weight is 260/900= 0.2888

    for the other EK that is running on K20A i only can load till it shows the weight of the car is 980kg i can't see the bhp at all, just a assumption, lets give the K20A EK a 300ps on wheel kinda resonalbe figure for a modded K20A so its 300/980= 0.3061

    well of course this is on theory only, its still up to tuning and driver skill

  5. Victor, its 900/260=3.4 for the B16B's EK9 while the K20A's EK9 is 980/300=3.2 still the K20A is has the advantage...

    *0.2888 or 0.3061 is faster than F1 d, 2006's F1 regulation saw the cars at a minimum weight of 605kg and maximum output of 780bhp, so 605/780=0.7756 oni.....

  6. haha....

    i jz feel that B16 or B18 have mature development d... and K20A still under de progress to reach it's peak potential...

    mayb got to see wat stuff used in these 2 cars... might be diff

  7. the vid got mention of wat stuff these two car hav but in jap haha

  8. harlo is power to weight ration, not weight to power ratio, your using chinese method on subtraction which is wrong power to weight= power/weight, cause u wanna find how many bhp/KG

  9. F1 regulation saw the cars at a minimum weight of 605kg and maximum output of 780bhp

    780/605= 1.289bhp/KG