Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quite a movie....

Last Friday nite, DoriX and i were suppose to go watch Valkyrie, in which i have been expecting a long long time....Starring Tom Cruise and the film depicts the July20 1944 plot by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler and to use the Operation Valkyrie national emergency plan to take control of the country... no avail, the film starts in a short time and DoriX wanna have his dinner, so i instead opt for Burn After Reading

But........DoriX suggest something else....something, which is by ACCIDENT, we walk around and saw Seven Pounds, a movie staring Will Smith Although without a clue on its plot or storyline(how t0o?! look at the poster....), and he got attracted by Will Smith (yeah, DoriX says he was HOT!), we bought the ticket and went for dinner. After that? Celebrity Fitness....of course we went to the movie wat else...(During which dinner time, i ask DoriX, did you know anything bout this Seven Pounds? He said 'No' and i reply back ' This had better be worth my RM8...) The movie was one word at the beginning, LOST, we were LOST season 1, till season 6, but the story starts to unfold as the movie progress...and at the end im left biting my tougue not to cry( i'm not a sissy, but a guy with emotion!) Will Smith's acting is strong, 10 out of 10, ur rite he's one hell of a actor DoriX(i'm not sure bout the HOT part though.....) The story tells............u know what? why don't u go check it out urself, download it later or go watch at the cinema, just do this movie one favor, go in without knowing a thing bout the movie, the movie's magic only works if you go in know nothing bout it.....but trust is a top notch action, good romance, and striking story that'll make you sms your loved ones telling them how much you love them, at least i did...

But don't get me wrong M, i think of you all the time and i love you no matter when...

What a good movie nite.....btw, DoriX is gay he's so gay he will die....hahaahhaha


  1. Will Smith is actually rated as the actor that will bring in most revenue in whatever movie he acts in. Second was amazingly Angelina Jolie :P

  2. well overall, great movie, u shud go check it out scav...

  3. I watched Valkyrie liao. Story and plot is not worth the money, but the rustic effects of the flick and backdrop is definitely worth the watch!

  4. i c...well no movie's 100%, haha i still looking forward to watching Valkyrie