Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ever feel HELPLESS?

Sure you guys have experience the kind of helpless feeling, when u can just watch something bad happen and you can't do a thing to it, you can't change a thing, all you can is just sitting there, although wishing with all your heart she's gonna be alrite, but still, its not wishing they need, its caring......

I'm realli a stupid guy, i get tangled in words trying to express something, and sometime, i screwed up badly, shading the true meaning out with bad shits that just make her moan the words like ' U dunno how much i hate you now ' realli does heart breaking listen to someone telling you that.....i'm so sorry, i hope you get what i realli wanna say edi ok?

And now she's sick, all i can do is just tell her to rest more, eat more, can someone tell me other than this what can i do for her more? I realli wanna get more involved in her life, i realli wanna take care of her and i need it so much cuz i love her so much....


  1. just tell her your true feeling man don't turn round circles the guessing game would not work

  2. tell d, she says giv her some time....