Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cars galore ^^

Yesterday morning around 10.30am, DoriX phone me up, asking me to giv him a lift as he needs to settle some stuff regarding our Han Chiang College's MLVK Open Day ( which i will giv out details on the next post as im still short of detail ), these stuff mainly include finding cars for our car showroom, ICE exhibition, but first, we gotta eat rite? So we have chicken rice for lunch, courtesy of DoriX

Then DoriX suggest finding if Zech wanna comes too, in which we goes to his house, but stumble on him walking out (coincidence coincidence...) as he's goin to R.E.S Autowork for some oil changing, so we went there too

Zech's 驾座...

Zech (see the back? 1st in Malaysia ar........)


someone trying to steal his LSD

Advan Racing

The shop's owner Ah Lim's Wira with MIVEC

As DoriX gotta rush to another place, Monster Autowork, we decided to head on it first, while Zech says he will go once he finish his oil changing.....

The shop owner, Ah De, is one of the longest serving mechanics in Penang, he's oso the sifu for R.E.S Autowork's boss, Ah Lim, and he's oso the few who still drifts in his Daihatsu Charmant, dun let his shop's appeareance fooled u, inside, there's plenty of u-know-what inside hehe

Ah Boy's DC2

A blurred pic of the engine code, B18C

For those who don't know, this is Z31 300 ZX Fairlady, which is the predecessor of those 350Z that we all seen in the roads nowadays, yup, they originated from this model, while this model was originated from the 280Z Fairlady and 240Z Fairlady repectively


The back says it all, 300ZX

Daihatsu Charmant

Clean and i mean CLEAN engine bay...

Think my saga's engine bay can done like this ? hmm.....

Ah De's new drift car, KE70 Corolla

With Chrome-Chrome-bo-Chrome Chrome engine cover, its a 2T btw, not 4AGE

Its using on AE86 wiring, with AE86 intake and stuff

Lastly, Kuhan's A31 w/ RB25 and Auto-transmission

Afterward, we part with Zech and went over to E-Gate to meet up with Fifi and Chong's gf Savanna and Fung, Fifi's fren, and DoriX was quite stressed out as the deadline for the Han Chiang's Open Day, but his day shine again as the numbers of car was confirmed to exceeded the minimum and he was safe on his ass already haha, but with confirmation has yet to be done, a Nissan G** **5 MAY come to the Open Day, giving ppl a chance of a life time to come reali close to the new Godzilla!

Had my dinner at my mom's place, nize food.....hehe still family's cooking is da best!


  1. i believe the car u say is a Charment is not a Charment cause the shape dosen't look like 1 this looks much larger then a Charment lol

  2. and again zechs so steamz he No1 in Malaysia d hahaha