Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bored bored Sunday....

What a boring day it is....Kit was out with his GF at perangin mall and i decided to stay at home ( u want me to be a light bulb meh ), with the other guys in SP it was just me at house, so was reading this fine book DoriX borrowed me, its called Speed Secrets, and teaches you racing technique, from threshold braking, to weight transfer, to racing lines and so on, but although i find it interesting while practical ( at track ) some of them aren't realli practical in touge, well thats normal since the're both different race, would realli love to come across a book that emphasizes on Touge/Hill Climbing/Descend, hehe

And don't know what did i get into contact with, red blister appeard around my chest and a side of my face, it doesn't itch though but painful...T.T, I think i get kidnapped by alien and they experimentaled on me...


  1. that book only teach u theory i still need to learn the practical yourself, and how to apply them correctly comes in time and exp

  2. yaya anyway thanx for the book ya, i'll read it and giv back to u asap