Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dalat International

Jz now aftenoon was same training with T.Bungah Rangers football team, their junior team was having a friendly game againts Dalat International Soccer Team, in which the whole team is foreigners, from US to Jap to Korea and although their in theirs 16-18, i can realli see the difference in foreigners and m'sia people's football.

1st, they have female supporter, for the first time i've never seen female spectator so into football, they were constantly supporting their own team, this is a sign of their own people getting into whatever their own ppl are doing, unlike our nation's 'i do what i like only', other nation's ppl actualy get involved in whatever their nation is doing.....

2nd, they have supporting critics being given out at players all the time ; while all we give is demoralizing critics, they have a miss kick or a miss pass, 'Its alright, keep it up !', while ours players do mistake, 'Oi nombor 12, hang reti main bola ka? Hang keluar la!' bout getting the spirit out of you...

wish our nations has these two things in their mind.....
Btw the Dalat team beat the T.Bungah team 2-1


  1. well what to do this is Malaysian mentality

  2. u can say the same for motorsport, just watch other country, no wonder they can improve at a fast speed...

  3. so maybe from now on we should give each other positive comments and critics