Saturday, August 8, 2009

Football TML~~~~~~!!!!

Gonna be playing my first football in Australia LATER 10am maybe?? hehe now is 12.34am Australia time, so..........

Havent been playing for such a long time, 1 month, damn man, and frequent school and tiredness from it has affected my workout time for like, half? So i've actually just done half the workout im suppose to done in a week, plus somemore 1 month didn't play football not to mention, what? 5-6 months didn't play goalkeeper?? Or is it less? Hehe i dont know, point is, im gonna have some nice time out there later, be it i play good, or bad ^^ (in which the latter will be most possible....i'm already picturing im doing fine and nice out there in the field, so thats not gonna happen haha, nothing ever happen according to what i imagine....they goes the opposite way, EVERYTIME.....talks bout deja'vu)^^"...

Thanks Chris my Korean friend who invited me ^^

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