Monday, August 24, 2009

Ferrari in a Electrician workshop? U bet...

Sorry for didn't update my blog for awhile, line has been down for a while, but its fine now ^^
Anyway, some delayed pictures for u all, first of all, we got a road trip to the work place of one of the finest auto electrician specialist in Melbourne....and guess what, haha we had some unsuspected findings..
A Ferrari 328

Surprisingly the condition of the car is in pristine condition...

Interior?? Better than my saga......T.T

Theres the badge, Pininfarina...

Around the shop

Whats everyone checking there? (btw they are all part of Group 309, my class^^)

Old engine....

On a particularly old car...

Check out the length~

And apparently the driver ain't old yet, look whats in the trunk^^

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