Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My class^^

Thought i'd show you all what Group 309 is all about, mainly, we're all taking the same Automotive Engineering Electrical Stream, while the ppl in Light Vehicle Stream is in 409, but after a while we got separated and are since then becoming two different class, my class is a fairly small class, 13 people haha
They are TJ, the most perverted Korean i have ever known hahaha~ And Top on the right, from Thailand, he owns a BMW w/ 2JZ back in Thailand ya....

Thn of course, Victor~the gay boy~

Evan, nice nice Korean friend...

I told u TJ is a pervert~

Sirius, from Iran, Dilshan at the center, from Sri Lanka, and Allan on the far right, from Mauritius, which, don't let his good guy innocent face bluff u, this guy is 2nd pervert in our class, after TJ

Joe, from China doing a goldfish face, he has a Degree in Civil Engineering ar, siao siao.......T.T

Seven, also from China

Hemaru, from Sri Lanka too

Obaid, the game loving Pakistani guy in our class haha

See how concentrated he is

Taranjit, possibly the oldest in our group, from India, and somemore holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering.....T.T不用玩...

Dilshan finally letting me take a pic of his

And of them all, includes me^^"

And today, we're doing some fault-finding in a car in our school, check this out, its a Toyota Camry, the new one, but this one has prefixed a Japanese GPS...

Turn off the light, the map switches into 'night mode' too

Wiring diagrams..

Victor explaining to class.....~!!!

More wiring diagrams..

After school saw a nice R34 GTS in our school...

And a Dodge Charger too haha pinky al the way


  1. Camwhore at work again.
    Why Victor's face looks tired and worn out ?

  2. how come u look so fat ady one??good food good drink leh at Aussie...^^

  3. its the shirt, im not fat im thinner..T.T