Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting out in the outback......

Me, my landlord Annie and Carmell went out to the outback to see some kangaroos in the outback, and get some walk around the first we stop by Annie's friend Joan's house first, and we manage to saw one just back on their yard......and it realli is big (!).....although the camera portrait it as a very small....==

Their house, its realli nice, the house and the environment is like the one that u'll want to have when u retired.....big, spacious, wide, peaceful...

The Yarra River..

And then we arrive at the Jumping Creeks where people walk around or trek around the forest in specified footpath....but look~!
Its a SA6...haha

Just when i started to forgot u Kit it brings back memories again....

As i walk, manage to took some nice photos too...

This is realli scary..

Human Touge Road~

Zen~ (-.-)

Amazon ya!

Thn as we headed to our barbeque spot, thought i look this road in a different perspective....hmm a rally road maybe?

And me, lightning up the fire^^

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