Thursday, September 17, 2009

BarBeCue (Updated, new pics)

9 Sept.

Well after finish our Go-Kart session we went back home, and everyone was already there
From right, Ken aka Blueberry from Singapore, Jason from Mauritius (Thnks for the picture^^), and Top from Thailand

We have names on our cup....hehe...

I join in and on the phone was Chris aka G-String boy from Korea

Ken was saying: Somebody gonna get a hurt, rrrrreal baddd

Top up close~

Me chris and top

Me and Jason


With no luck on the fire Adish the Mauritian Fire Man step in

While Kenny is thinking "Is that a good idea?"

While we're Wiiing in the living hall, PgDori, Evan oso from Korea, Joe from China, me

And with Julie, Kenny's wife beside us watching, thanks her and Fiona, Ken's gf for preparing the food ~~~~~~~

Finall we have fire~~~

And then the grilling begins~

While Jason and Chris thinking, "I could have do that big deal"

But we didn't care we just dig in, rite PgDori?

And Top are arguing with Chris regarding the sexuality of the chicken about to be grilled, but i didn't care, as long as we're eating it

And this......speechless.....he say he's seeing green fairy in the party.....i dun noe...

Adish checkin on the fire happily, Kenny checkin on Adish happily, Evan checkin on the chicken happily too

Rina, Fiona's friend

The group are all out in the back yard....

Having no luck on Adish, Kenny turns on me T.T

But Adish thn turns to become the Mauritian Cook Man, and guess what?? Lets just say that Mauritian are just good at starting fire hahahaha nah just joking

Adish = Not my fault, the chicken wanna try out suicide via grilling it self, it succeeded though

Clockwise from me, Adish, Jason, Joe, PgDori, Chris, Evan, Top

Then comes Julie, Kenny, Fiona, and Ken, c how Blueberry he is~


  1. wa...BBQ...i oso not bad...just have steamboat yesterday

  2. yer...yer.....didn't invite me...hahaha got take pics???