Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go Karting~

9 Sept.

We were going to have a barbecue dinner at PgDori's house today, glad he said that he's gonna come and pick me up at school, so pretty excited ^^ Thanks ya~~ But then i know that Evan from Korea and Joe is actually coming too ~! I didn't expected that, barbecue is at nite so we got whole day to kill, what should we do? With the new PS3 in home PgDori gladly fired up, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for me ^^
Sori didn't have any pic but this is the pic between us both, battling out the GT-R and RX-7 battle, in which i won woohoo~~ Say yes to Piston woohoo, but the game doesn't feel like, real, duno, but main point is, this game is a Understeer Game ^^"

After lunch we head out to Ace Go Kart track at SunShine
Here it is

Joe anxiously waiting

Evan taking picture of my taking picture of him

Kenny, he's living with PgDori now btw^^

And last but not least Mr-Seriously-Wanna-Smoke-Them-All PgDori

Now tell me is this a Go Kart track or what? They even got a small coffee lounge at the side but i forgotten to take picture, seriously theres a difference in standards...

The Track

The Cart

PgDori, Evan and Joe out there 'dogfighting'

PgDori arrive in pit

Thn comes Joe

And Evan

Helmet..Helmet...Full Face Helmet

Racing Suits ya~

Caution ya~

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