Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Room~

Hehe specially made this thread for my room ar...haha cuz this is my First ROOM haha i name it the RR (Room of the type-R)~~


Rack for my shirts

Tidy enough dad??

Even got this cool picture hanging on from the wall........resembles 秋冬夏, but no 春...

Place where i put my Metlink-card(the card which gives u access to public transport) and keys

My work/play/relax-station

Tidy Tidy~

See?? Bugatti man, im a man with taste ~

5D forever~

Tidy Tidy Tidy~

Hopefully i can finish reading these books on my own (except the Marvel Civil War comic which i finished d) See? We can borrow this kind of books from the library man~ cool...

My Nike Free got somewhere to sleep d u c....

My working boots which we got from school

HEATER, something u gotta have...

I realli do tidy up my bed every morning...hows that haha

Another view

And finally, im fine here, still the same guy, see?


  1. your look tidy but nice o~!
    i like your bedroom...small and easy~nice!

    leng zai ad lo!haha~

  2. small and easy leh....hehehehe.......

    where got leng zai??? not if compare to some of the guys in my class...haha

  3. haha..so u should say..ur class only have 1 leng zai...