Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Home~

Since my mom insistingly requested that i post a picture of my home, here it is...hehe
Outside of the house, does't look like a house isn't it? Its actually a shop outlet, but then my landlord purchase it a year ago and make it into a home, you can actually find alot of this kinda home all round Melbourne...

The Lounge...^^"

And through that door on the left leads to the stairs and to the second lounge

This is it, we sometimes had dinner or lunch here or at the 1st lounge

Cause this place has a chimney ^^ something u wont find in msia~

Thn leads to the kitchen...sorry it was a bit dim when i took the picture

Up the stairs, is my room, hehe the one with the 'window' hehe

Toilet.....clean rite~^^"


  1. look like very nice o...
    if got chance can i fly there to fine you?

  2. haha sure sure, come with qing song^^ can come to makan angin haha