Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday-ing in the Countryside...

My good landlord Annie and Carmal took us to the countryside of Alexandria, which is outside of Melbourne(us being Me and Scott, the new guy from US who lives with us for 2 months but now he's bac in the states d...)

The 'House' that we live in, such a nice place to sleep, 5 star service hahaha

Carmal, Annie and Scott

a campsite

Annie being Cowgirl as she says haha

Amazing hills....

A lake beside

Notice this road here, well it was suppose to be a road for ppl to load their boats from the back of their car, almost 16 years ago this place was full of water (from where im photographing) the water has decreased so much that it has become a full fledged land now, with no sign other than this road that can signifies that here is once apart of the lake..

Someone has been naughty...

Oh look a lizard~

It quickly goes into the bushes...

And you can't see it anymore..(click on the picture take a look closer on it, the lizard is still in there ~see if you can spot it out or not ^^)

A Kangaroo, which everyone failed to spot it except me~

It was waiting for its cub (its baby) apparently and when the cub came they go away with the cub follows the mom's movement exactly haha

An overview of the whole area from top..

Me and Scott by Z610i~

and Me and Scott in his Canon EOS


More Broccoli

The Lake...

Which Scott getting stuck there, a helicopter was required to save him haha

Dont mind the disturbance in this photo...wrong hair wrong posture wrong eyes wrong smile every thing wrong....T.T

And this pic we have the Canon EOS...

And the really really surprise my Z610 phone can take pics such as this it literally shames those Nokia's 8MP phone...but Scott's cam does have amazing ISO and Macro capabilities....damn i wan something like that...

Me and Scott trying to light up the fire for the BBQ

And a nice dinner served...

ON our way back to Melbourne, i saw this Subaru Impreza WRX STi 22B, which similiar to the old Impreza or the commonly known as Takuma's Dad's Impreza, the GC8 Model but comes 2 door, except that this model is the limited and widebody versioned, coded 22B STi. It has the EJ22 instead of 20, has 350bhp and the same torque as the EJ20 but came more early at 3200 rpm, 800 rpm earlier....if theres a chance i would love to get over there myself and take a pic of that rare piece of art myself, this car is for Subaru as a Skyline GT-R Z-Tune is for Nissan....


  1. Nismo Z tune are 2nd hand car!!!!!!!
    But still nice car to own T_T

    Can see u havin nice life there

  2. ya its not too bad ^^ but thanks to i have a good landlord too, otherwise impossible for me to experience everything....

  3. the setting on the EOS is wrong the pic should not turn out so bright, i reckon the shuttle was on too long, too much exposure

  4. haha thanks guys.....gotta thank my family for these opportunities...

  5. lol bro,nice holiday u have another thing,is time for u to cut hair.nvr c u with tat hair b4,kinda 'cute'hah

  6. i said....dun mind the whole package..haha