Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things that has been happening on my school lately...

First of all....the 180SX gets a re-tuned air fuel map.....
On the dyno again..

Basically what we did is what we couldn't do on Saga of the 180SX Continues which is to re-set the ECU's air fuel map with the E-Manage program, as we suspect something wrong is causing the original ECU's map to go wrong, but still, the map got sooo out of sync, that most of the corrections ranges aroung +/- 20 to 30 values, some are still not in the best values even after - 50, which is the max that E-Manage can do...but anyway, we did that, and the 180SX is not running i would say...75% fuel consumption decrease? ^^ Success...

The Yellow areas are the range of the revolution plus LOAD (a new thing for me, its a very basic thing but i didnt know it exist till now ==, and how important it could be !) that the engine run across getting to 5000rpm...

But still we can only corrected it up to 5000 rpm, cuz apparently the dyno machine is an old one, and it could only withstand 6000rpm before it goes Kaput~ so for further tuning we will need an air fuel meter, i reckon a Neko AF700 Air Fuel Meter ?? Its use by the Top Secret V12 Supra, hell it even uses 2 (probably cuz it has 2 ECU..) After we got an Air Fuel Meter, next thing is a freeway, where further tuning can only be done on road, but it does givs out more accurate result but it eats fuel and time T.T

So hopefully thats not the end of the Saga of 180SX haha.....hope the owner has more mods and tune-ups for it.

Here, Top holding a adjustable spanner in which :
Some say, that it was used in the film Matrix by someone call Keanu....Neo? And that if the Jigsaw Killer has seen this he would have another method of torturing adjusting them! All we know is, its called, The Persuader.

And as we were leaving school....BMW 840i......seen this type of BMW? Noe this type of BMW? Those of u who only know M3 and M5 (no its not a normal 3 and 5 Series...), take a look back into the history ya....^^

And we dun get to see many of this kinda trucks along Jelutong Expressway..

We ended up celebrating our success in school in PgDori house, with Evan PgDori and sucks (puke~)

And i came upon this on the streets the other day....what the hell is that guy doing on the streets?! While he can make artistic things look more...artistic?! Seriously how many painter in Malaysia has managed to make something out like this, hell you can't even paint it out with thousands dollar worth of equipment and paint, this guy uses only chalks~ Yes, CHALKS....


  1. han..i go australia stay can ma..?seem u very hapy at there oo..

  2. sure, u come can stay at my place but not my room haha let u sleep store room hahaha, can come and 'san har sam'(cantonese)
    u seem like ur not really happy geh....................包租婆...