Monday, March 15, 2010

David Beckham

Finally the other day, i managed to watch the match between Man Utd and AC Milan. Manchester United won 4-0 with a double from Rooney, 1 from J.S Park and 1 from Fletcher. This is the first game i've watch since im in Australia, and i felt refreshed after seeing a football game in such a long time..(was it 7 months?)

The Highlights of the game

Wat surprise me, other than the loss of form that Milan shows and the shear improvement of Rooney and the whole Manchester squad, was one player from Milan, that came from Old Trafford, David Beckham.

Being 34 years old, and frankly, this is the first time i've seen Beckham in play live after last World Cup, and still, i'm still amused by Beckham's play, in one point even surprised all of us with his first timer shot (3.17 in the youtube link) as well his pin-point crossings. He may be old but with skill and experience in him, David Beckham isn't all about glamor and fashion icon, or gossip filled scandalous individual, and forget he's trademark free kick, its seeing him winning ball around the midfield and assists his teammate that really makes him special, and then he's free kicks makes up the finishing point^^

One of the urges to make me play football is always this, the sensation of creating something beautiful and spectacular that wow people, seeing those guys do it in tv just makes u wanna do it as well, with ur friends, with ur teammates, to wow people, to mesmerize people, and to make people,

as the comic book 'Fantasista' says:



  1. park is the key to win milan game in 1st round and 2nd round

  2. i didn't c the 1st round i guess this is 2nd round?? ya park really win a lot of balls, as well as valencia's assists, woohoo~~