Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Training 21

This was actually last week's Thursday's training session....we did a short control game, which is, two teams, and each team have to maintain possession as long as possible, as well as teaches us how to utilizes the whole pitch. And then we did a short sprint session, where we just walk around a big square area, first whistle is walk, second jog, third sprint ~ and this continue for approx 8-10 minutes, and then continue with the possession game. After that i switch over to the Fourth's side to have be a goalkeeper for their shooting session. A guy name Duke offer me advices and such for 1-by-1 and i must say, i learn a new thing today again.....the 1-by-1 session really teaches me alot, and even though i have height handicap in goalkeeping but the session teaches me, that as far as goalkeeper scare strikers lobbing them, strikers are scare that goalkeeper to break their legs.....


  1. u still remember u broke APi leg??
    haha..tat indian gina

  2. ya...i still remember....not broke la ! just bruise la....haha.....before that my 1-by-1 was my most confidence and strong technique, i dun think any keeper in sin min can match my 1-by-1 that time, but after that.......i edi scare to go 'crash' other ppl's leg d....huhu but now i need it back !!!