Friday, May 14, 2010

Nike Total 90 Laser II K-FG Review

Started using me new Laser II since the last couple of training....and heres my conclusion.

The shoe, being 0.5 of a size smaller (yes, there is a difference....) and boy does it hurts T.T but nonetheless it fits my leg like a glove, and i must say the lacing system is abit tricky to tie up.....and the e-Vent thing sometimes make ur feet feels weird, like theres something inside your leg or such, but after a while the feel lessens and i was able to use the shoe to lengths i have never ever achieved before.

Accuracy, Power, Swerve, all improved dramatically, and this was on the first time i try it out ~ what i canot do with a shoe i've been wearing for 1 year, i can do it with this shoe which i just wear for 1 day. It is that good!

One thing i would criticize is tat the boot seem fairly to the Laser I it is in a huge difference heavier. But perhaps its due to the smaller size that i experience it.....Just hopes now that it settles in to my leg in the later weeks...

Overall: Being that its my favorite color and possibly the BEST ever color a shoe will ever have, 10/10 ^^^^^

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