Friday, February 12, 2010

Training 9

Rained heavily right before training and during training, soaking wet, all soggy, beat up, and tired at the end T.T....and fuckin itchy too! Luckily we did keepers today, but it was fuckin tough and demoralizing as well......

The rain T.T....thank god for the Melbourne drought...but no thanks for me T.T"...


Raining heavily...

We start of the day with some intensive warm up and i was beforehand, prior to Training 8, drafted into the top 36 group within the 60 group people, and are going to train with all the big boys. We starts of with some warm ups, and then put onto a circular, with 13 ppl AROUND the circle with a ball, and 13 ppl IN the circle, and the ppl IN the circle will have to run to the ppl AROUND the circle, the ppl AROUND the circle will pass the ball to the running players, and receive back from the running player, and the running player continue to other ppl AROUND the circle. There is no specific target so the person ur running to is totally random, which means u syok, u run to ur friend, thn u no syok u run to other friend.

After that we did chest control, thn pass back. Then control ball with both thighs, thn pass back, so this the player actually distributes the ball twice, once to the left thigh, once to the right thigh. Then heading the ball down to the feet of the distributor of the ball. All this is done with rotation, which means after awhile, players that is AROUND the circle will change to IN the circle.

After that, we got divided into different groups, with strikers and goalkeepers are in the same session today.

What we have today, is, the red square is the Screen. Screen is a position similar to defensive midfielder, which is the midfielder rite on top of the defenders, and is usually the one that is orchestrating both the attack and defense, and thus, is usually the position a team's captain plays, example: Roy Keane. Anyway, the red dot is the Link, which is a position in between the midfielders, they are not attacking midfielders as well, as their work is more to distributes ball and overlapping support. So again, we have the Red Square and the Red Dot, and 2 Red Dot on the goal side which is Defenders (which is consists of us GKs anyway as we take turns), Black Dot on the sides are Wingers, while the 3 Black Dots in the middle are the strikers.

First, the Link will pass the ball to the Screen, and on first touch the Screen will play a long deep pass to the edges of the pitches, and the winger will then starts the run to intercept the ball.

And the Strikers will start a run on their own too across the right cone and over to the goal side to connect with the cross, which will be made by the winger once the timing is correct. And hopefully, ends in a goal. The attack will rotates from starting from the left side, then to the right side, in which the ball will be play the opposite way, to the Left Winger, Strikers run to the left cones and up.

After that, we have 2 player on the Red Dot on the sides of the goal, playing as a passer or a ball distributor, and a Screen as the Red Square, and the Black Dot as the Strikers.

One of the distributor, in this case the left one, will pass the ball to the Screen, and the Screen will pass the ball to the sides according to the Striker's preferred leg, if the Striker is left footed, right side, if he's Right footed, left side. In this case, our Striker is left footed, so the ball will be pass to the right side, and the Striker will finish with a shot. Again, left and right rotational after each turn.

The last one is we have the Strikers line up behind two players, in this case, Red Square.

The Red Square will pass the ball to each other and then pass to the center and the Striker will finish from that spot.

Today's training is more emphasized on Strikers more than GKs. And plus the condition of today's weather and pitch, its really isn't the most ideal condition u wanna play in. But nonetheless, we did alot of work though. Alot of diving and stuffs, i STILL have a hard time getting my feet off the feet to mid air ~~ but then again no one did anything like that either but im just so damn fed up with myself, how come im such a loser!! I'm still wonder wat does my body or my mind is fear about. Other than that, i had a swollen little finger becuz of a wet ball slipping off my hand and hit the finger straight on. Its been quite a long time since i had one of these, and i forgot how hurt it can get. Mind you other then the thumb, all my other fingers, both hands have experienced this haha, as well as both ankles....

Overall, i wasn't so satisfied with today's training, there's just too much dead balls and stuffs, other goalies were struggles as well midway after as the strikers have adjusted and have found their touch. Top right and left corner was keep getting bombarded with balls and shots, its just so hard to get to those corners.

But still, i have to and will get better !

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