Saturday, February 6, 2010

Training 7 *Extra Training at La Trobe*

Today we have an extra training stint at La Trobe uni once more, it starts at the morning, thats why i leave a prelude post back then. Today's training was once again, more to dynamics and core strength, which is the cones and ladders thing again, only a group of not more then 10 were doing this as most of the other ppl were doing their interclub game, which is a game between two sets of 11 players from the team sparring. This was done to carefully hand pick the senior team, and the junior team.

The dynamics were not bad, we did a whole lot of range consists of runnings, dodging, sprinting continuous for 45 minute, it was suppose to be a 1 hour stint, but we manage to get over it 15 minute less is just, i would say, proud of my self. It was a lot of different dynamics, and by now i can only remember half of them so i wont post any pics about them on this post as it wont be complete, but i think oni Cruz will care bout this haha. Dynamics are meant to increase ur 灵敏度 as well as core strength which is more like, how well u can keep ur energy at max. Core strength is not stamina. You can run 10 rounds but at the 10th round can ur energy be the same as the first round? Core strength is what makes ur energy stay as close to the maximum as you can. So in order to perform 90% at 90 minute, core strength is very important. I think you will know how important this is huh? Hehe...

The dynamics we done are specially put up by our coach to simulate a 90 minute game. So by finishing these dynamics we used up the same energy for a 90 minute game. Back when its my third time on training i really felt the dynamics was very hard, but now, no problem, im enjoying it.

Then we rested and watch the second half of the game. Steven, one of the newer keeper is really shitting me out....he has the all around package for a keeper, big in size, confidence, skillful, agile, and good positioning as well, seeing him play really put the ques in my head that how can this man be beaten...and how can i be like him~ well we're much done with the size issues now so what can i do more to become as confident and reliable like him?? Damian or "Spud" on the other hand was nothing less than that too. Overall, what i observed from the play was almost 90% players that played today were extremely dedicated as well as flexible. All players played very simple games, a few touches, pass, a few touches, pass. This is really the first time i see quite a fast paced game actually. within 3 pass the whole field was covered. I was staggered! From the defense, bam to the right winger, bam to the left striker and there he was, on a shot ready angle. Before being intercepted by the defense again and to the middle, turn, straight pass, there was it again ~ with the striker just barely misses the far post. It is amazing ~ Simple plays and pace is whats important in a 90 minute full on game.

Back in M'sia, surely we have alot of talented players, talent isn't seem to be the problem in M'sia grassroots football, but mind is ~ Mind as in how smart a player. A good player isn't just need to be skillful but to be smart in the same time as well. And sadly M'sia player just doesn't have that, or to be more precise, they didn't get 'teached' for that.

"Football isn't a common sense "

This is the word i would like to tell Youngster United back in M'sia, as well for M'sia football community. When we're at Youngster, (again, Cruz will know this very very familiar), we've been scolded, why dun u run here ~ why dun u pass to him, why dun u do this do that....well the answer is simple. We didn't have someone to teach us. Teaching football strategy isn't a 10 minute thing. The most important thing is that the players, GET what's being teach, they must KNOW in their own head, how to run, why to run, and what effect it could bring, even if it had to used up a lot of time. We used up 1 session just for Football Channel, and today most of the strikers utilize this pretty good. This proves that the players get the idea of the Football Channel.

Again, this brings to the amazement of, how proper training can easily surpass the logic of using natural instinct on the pitch. As well the main objective behind it, how to fully utilize your fitness and stamina, how to be as efficient as possible, and how to play a beautiful game of football, which at the end, is the reason why we play football at the beginning.